About us

Our Nordmann fir plantation is one of the largest in Poland. Located in western part of the seaside in a unique coastal climate zone and occupies an area of approximately 100 ha.

The plantation was established in 2005 and thanks to carried out systematically the perfect treatments, now delivers a beautiful, dense, shaped and intensely green trees to the clients in Poland and Europe. The highest trees reached more than 3 meters in height. To ensure the full range in the next years, annually and systematically we are enlarging the area and new trees are planted.

Abies NordmanianaNordmann fir (or Caucasian fir) - is the aristocrat among the fir trees. It’s well known for its long stay in our homes - the needles do not fall, but are being dried. Its soft, delicate yet long needles with an intense colour and beautiful shape will create a festive atmosphere in every home and make that Christmas will long remain in our memory.

Nordmann fir (Abies Nordmanniana) - originally appeared in the Caucasus and named after the botanist Alexander von Nordmann who first described this tree species in the 19-th century. Cultivated in Europe for Christmas Trees, mainly in Denmark and in selected coastal areas in France, Germany and Poland. High, fast-growing tree reaches age even five hundred years, two meter diameter trunk and a height of in-kind up to 60 metres. It has a dense, conical, very regular crown, dark green needles 2-3 cm long, cylindrical cones, similar to the fir cones, 14-17 cm in length, full of resin.